How do aliens communicate?

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How do aliens communicate?

Aliens have left some sort of communication with us as a human race to understand that they are here.

What did the aliens leave to try to communicate with us?

How do aliens communicate?

one of the most famous ancient things the aliens left was the great pyramids of Egypt.

It is highly believed that the aliens were involved with the building of the pyramids sense the people of the past did not have the right technology to build them.

Another obvious form of communication from the aliens was crop circles.

How do aliens communicate?

The complexity of crop circles can take days for a normal person to do.

people have woken up with these crop circles in their yards with no explanation.

Why would the aliens try to communicate this way?

How do aliens communicate?

These large forms of communication was maybe formed to get our attention as a human race.

science has tried to have explanations for these mysterious pop ups in history but still the extraterrestrial phenomenon can not be answered.

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