Aliens Created The Moon?

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Mystery Origins

It is a known fact that scientists cannot explain how the moon was made or came into being.

There is a proposed theory that there was a proto-Earth which was struck in a collision at just the right angle to form the moon.

However, the chances of the collision causing the moon to be in a perfect orbit to eclipse the sun is a zillion to one.

The Moon Was Not An Accident

The moon’s orbit is proof that it must be of design!

The moon has a near perfect circular orbit around our planet.

The moon has to be the exact size that it is to have a solar eclipse.

The Moon Is Special

The moon and the Earth’s relationship have not been duplicated by other planets or moons throughout our galaxy.

Other moons are noticeably smaller to their planets.

Our moon is the only moon known to have a stabilizing role with it’s planet.

Without the moon, the Earth would have a different axis tilt and we would not know or have seasons as we do today.

Without seasons, it would be difficult for life to flourish.

The moon serves an amazing function, without it, we may not be here.

What Do You Think?

Do you think the moon was an accident or specifically designed?

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