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How would you like to wake up and look out the window to a different world?

Would you leave the planet Earth and give up all you have to start a new life on another world?



According to Google the minimum distance from the Earth to Mars is about 54.6 million kilometers.

The farthest apart they can be is about 401 million km. The average distance is about 225 million km




For a $20.00 donation, you will be enrolled as a Mars Club Contributor making you
“ELIGIBLE” for the astronaut training program.

Everyone who is in good physical and mental health will qualify and only the top
10 to 20 applicants will be selected for the inaugural astronaut crew to travel to Mars.


The ultimate goal for all the research and development is to send millions of regular people to the planet Mars and create a
human settlement there. I think this is a great opportunity for those looking to make their dream come true of stepping on another planet.


Is the start of intergalactic travel amongst different races?


(Read more about Mars One Missions here)


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