Stardust Ranch Extraterrestrial Activity, My First Hand Account

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Good day brother and sister’s, family and friends, and subscribers.

Have you ever questioned the unknown and wanted answers but you couldn’t get them? Have you ever wanted to be spooked but you couldn’t find the right place?

Stardust Ranch in Rainbow Valley Arizona


This spot has been under controversy for over 20 years of paranormal and alien activity. John Edmonds who I personally met, has killed over 18 grey aliens who have tried to attack his wife, his home and the animals he saves.

Horses have been mutilated animals dogs have been killed and yet no help comes. DNA was sent to W.C. Levengood in Michigan but before he was able to expose the Smoking Gun to prove that aliens have been amongst us he was met with unfortunate death.

When I interviewed John Edmonds the owner at Stardust Ranch he took me on a tour of the property. I was able to spend some time with the beautiful horses he has saved from death. I was also able to spend some time with the dogs and cats he has rescued.



John Edmonds and his wife continue to secure a safe place for these animals as they fight almost daily dealing with attacks from greys and paranormal activity on the property. John Edmonds and his wife told me as we sat down and talked about his wife almost being abducted, the scars and bruises they both carry, and the heartbreak when one of these fights are lost sometimes.

A few months ago John lost a dog that was very dear to his heart from an alien attack. John has killed over 18 aliens to protect his family pets property and has been met with threats to keep his mouth shut and stop exposing the truth.

alien-investigations-ET-2-stardust-ranch-web alien-investigations-Grey-at-Stardust-Ranch-web

As I was talking to John Edmonds he’s explained that when he started talking about his experiences and paranormal activity on the ranch two people who we call the Men in Black showed up at his property threatening him to stop telling people about the alien activity, UFO sightings and much more.


Numerous people have gone out to Stardust Ranch in Arizona and have left the house screaming. The bedroom where his wife was almost abducted has such an evil presence that I could not even go into the room as I stood at the doorway a chill ran down my spine.


After spending five days on Stardust Ranch and seeing for myself personally some of the unseen footage that’s locked away, I can’t help but think to myself, why do we not get this information from those we trust to protect us?

You can watch a video of the LIVE interview with John Edmonds and my interview of my trip by Alien Investigations below.



If you would like to visit Stardust Ranch or make a donation to help care for the horses please contact John Edmonds at 1-623-692-8605 or you can make a donation at [email protected] through PayPal.

Stay tuned for my next blog that will leave more doubts in your mind asking yourself are we alone.

This is Magalina Masso reporting for Alien Investigations bringing you the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.


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