Men In Black Aliens or Human Hybrids

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I’m sure you’ve heard of the movie Men In Black. But did you know that this movie was based on the real men in black?

Wo Are The Men In Black?










According to ufologist, the first accounts of Men In Black (MIB) date back to the 1950s and ’60s. At first, they were reported to just gather evidence from the spots where UFOs either crashed or were seen by witnesses. Later they started using more threatening behavior to silence witnesses who actually saw the flying saucers and reported it to the public.

These men are believed to be secret governments agents tasked with suppressing evidence of UFOs. They drive black or dark colored vehicles that sometimes have government plates. At one reported incident, one of their plates were called in and it was a duplicate plate that belonged to another vehicle that was parked elsewhere.


John Edmonds of Stardust Ranch who has been reporting for years now about UFOs and aliens around his property had a few encounters with the MIB. You can watch the video and read more of his account here.

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