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Stardust Ranch, Rainbow Valley Arizona… 1996

Psychiatrist therapist, John Edmonds and his wife Joyce, who was an X-FBI Agent were moving into their newly bought 20 acher horse ranch.

The ranch had everything John wanted to begin their journey of taking in and nursing abandon horses back to health and he was excited to move in.

But even on the first day, things started taking and unpredictable turn.

When they arrived on the property to move in that day, they noticed that all of the owner’s belongings were still in the house. John called the property agent and the agent said he would make sure it was all moved in a few hours.

Returning later that day, they found all the stuff was moved out of the house but was now piled into the pool.

Furious, John called the agent again, who got in touch with the previous owners. They said they returned to the ranch that day to find all their belongings piled in the pool. They assumed John had moved it in a fit of rage. They refused to take their stuff and John had to later dispose of it himself.



And that’s was just the beginning of strange events about to unfold.

From a man with a machete on the property. Strange lights in the skies. Grey Aliens coming into his home through portals found on the property. ETs trying to abduct his wife. Investigators taking pictures of the Greys. Seeing huge ships. And using a samurai sword to kill 19 Grey Aliens over a period of time to defend his family.

He was also visited by the alleged Men In Black (MIB) the mysterious men working for unknown organizations to protect secrets or perform other strange activities.

Since then, Stardust Ranch has become one of the strangest and unheard of properties in the world.

We recently did a LIVE interview with John Edmonds and you can watch the full interview here.

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