Is The Helendale Facility A Secret UFO BASE Disguised To Fool The Public?

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A secret facility located near Helendale California just Southwest of Barstow California is really a UFO base disguised to fool the public eye.


Whistle Blowers  Contacted Alien Investigations  About This Facility Real Purpose

Alien Investigations received a message from a couple who claimed to have worked in the middle 80s on a 12-story deep missile silo in this underground base located at this facility.

After doing some research we found out there was more to this facility than just missiles.

This is the radar cross-section testing range fit houses special microwave dishes that can be used to shoot it objects located down the range and test its stealth ability.

These buildings were to house administrative staff, maintenance workers, special equipment and other microwave dishes and secret aircraft.

They take the secret aircraft 7500 ft down the runway which is called the upper chamber.

This is a 14000 square foot hidden room that can be used to house secret models and aircrafts which then can be lifted up in the middle of the night when everyone is suppose to be asleep and shot into the dark by the dishes to test its stealth technology.

This place does have a 12-story deep missile silo but there are no missiles.

This building has a weight and pulley assembly which is on the bottom of this poll and the top of the upper chambers slides open the weight and pulley assembly lifts thousands and thousands of pounds out of the top of the other chamber and the testing begins.

What else are they housing here?

Do they really bring objects and models in on semi trucks or fly them in?

Local rumors of concrete trucks being lined up for miles when they constructed this facility.

No one will disagree that it took tons of concrete to build this base but there’s got to be more going on here that they’re not telling us.

In this day and age of satellite technology they’ve got to be hiding things underground.

Can this be a secret entrance to Edwards Air Force Base which is located just over 10 miles west?

Locals have claimed to have seen circular objects in the area but no investigation into it has ever come about.

Do you believe that this is the home base of UFOs that come and go visiting our planet?

Is this just an ancient base that is dead or is it actually alive but hidden by a cloak of invisibility to the world?

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This is Magalina Masso journalist and reporter for alien investigations wishing you a beautiful day.

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