Real Alien Abduction Photos

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A few of the drawings below were made by real alien abductees that actually drew what they encountered. Pictures compliments of Michael Menkin.


Leaders or Controllers

They believed this was a male alien. It seemed to have protuberances from its face that were stiff and hard according to the abductee. The creature stood 7 and 1/2 feet tall and wore a long purple colored robe. They noted that they could be the leaders and controllers of alien social hierarchy. These statements are from David Jacobs.

Grey Aliens

Reports say that these are the aliens that do most of the abduction work. According to David Jacobs, alien-human hybrids are now taking over some of their functions. It was noted that the pack on its back is what enables them to float from the alien’s spacecraft, pass through walls and perform other super technological acts as well as immobilizing abductees.

See more adult drawings on Michael Menkin’s website here. 


Below are some drawings made by the children the aliens abducted.

Alien/human hybrids

Some of the other drawings are of aliens, alien spacecraft, alien hybrids, children being abducted by aliens, and the things aliens do to children.


Alien Abduction

See more children’s drawings on Michael Menkin’s website here. 

There are many strange cases out there about abductions. One of my favorite cases is about John Edmonds, owner of Stardust Ranch in Rainbow Valley Arizona. There was a case where John’s wife, Joyce almost got abducted and taken up into the ship. If it wasn’t for John’s quick thinking and him grabbing his gun at the last minute to follow his wife outside as she floated in the beam of light who knows what would have happened!  (Read more about John’s story here).

About Michael Menkin:

Michael Menkin is a retired technical writer who worked for the Federal Aviation Administration. He was one of the original writers of NASA Tech Briefs and contributed to the Federal Government’s Technology Utilization Program for disseminating NASA technology to private industry in the 1970s. Michael Menkin has over 30 years of experience in high-technology marketing and technical writing. He has worked for the Boeing Company, Mettler-Toledo, Metawave Communications Corporation, Fluke Corporation, AT&T, The Robbins Company, Innovation, Inc, Panasonic Avionics, The University of Washington, The University of California San Francisco Medical Center at Mount Zion, The University of California’s Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Pacific Avionics, Western Applied Research and Development, and SpaceLabs Healthcare.


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