Are Movies About UFO And Aliens All Warning Signs For The Public?

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Good morning brother sisters family and friend subscribers that are new to our website. Today we have a special blog for you. Have you ever wondered if we were alone? Have you ever thought that all these movies about ufo and aliens are a warning to the public?

Warning…UFO & ALIENS Are REAL!

When the Twilight Zone came out in 1959 the world thought it was a very interesting sci-fi TV show, but now in 2017, those TV series become reality before our eyes.

On February 28th 2017 Fox News reported we have hit an all-time high in UFO sightings across the United States of America and other countries.

Eyesight and over Detroit 2017 left US citizens curious scared and left without answers. Drone footages have increased capturing images of UFO sightings all across the world. Another ufo sighting was captured from a plane left with more questions than it answered once again. July 1st as a plane was landing in Law Vegas a UFO was spotted gliding across the sky leaving government officials rushing to the scenes.

UFO Sightings At Record-High

UFO sightings have increased from 2010 at 4,750 to 5,516 in 2016.


As UFO sightings increase we anxiously await as the ones we trust finally decide to let it be known that we are not alone? Why are they not letting us know what all these lights in the sky are after many years of continuous sightings with the end results of a weather balloon or debris falling from the sky.

UFO channels such as FindingUFO, thirdphaseofmoon, secureteam10 and Alien Investigations are popping up all over the internet, phone calls are coming into local authorities and now the people want answers.


We here at Alien Investigations will bring you the truth and nobody’s going to stop us because you deserve to know the truth. If you have questions and you need answers stay tuned to this website for the most updated information on UFO sightings, alien encounters and many different stories.

We talk about the stuff nobody wants to talk and we won’t stop until the truth is exposed. Whether you believe or not wouldn’t you like to know when the truth does come out? Stay tuned for our next upcoming blogs and videos on YouTube.

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This is Magalina Masso reporting for Alien Investigations bringing you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.


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