A Gift From Another World

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The Searl Effect Generator has been making it’s way to many numerous media sites recently claiming this gift was given to our world from aliens.

Others claim this technology came from a crashed unidentified flying object (UFOs) that could replace our whole way of surviving.

The Searl effect generator was first invented by “Professor” John Searl.

Many scientist have claimed this generator is the answer we have been looking for since Nikola Telsa death but have been written off as a foolish unrealistic dream.

According to the inventor, even a small SEG model is able to produce energy of approximately 200 watts per kg of the generator’s mass.

A large sized SEG can produce energy up to several gigawatts, enough to supply a city with a population of over 50,000 power for all thier electrical needs.

A Organizing committee of representatives from NASA, the Planetary Science Institute, the SETI Institute and several large research universities held an open meeting between workshop participants and the public to answer some of these questions but many left unsatisfied.

Penn State professor of astronomy and astrophysics Jason Wright stated though the search for alien signatures goes back decades, its pace slowed in the United States after the 1990s but recently, Wright wrote, there’s been a “resurgence of activity” in the field.


Was this another gift given to us from another world?

Why are we “NOT” allowed to be given something that could save millions?

What other technology has been kept from us?

Are aliens from other planets trying to help us or hurt us with this new technology and how come the government keeps shutting the door when questions are asked?

These are some of the questions that I will be investigating in upcoming blogs.


Do you feel we should be aware of these new gifts given to us?

Should government officials allow the Searl Generator to replace our outdated technology today?

Tell us what your opinion is below in the comments.

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This is Magalina Masso investagator and reporter for Alien Investigations bringing you the truth, the whole truth so help me God.


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