What Is Going On?!!!

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Sitting in your living room you suddenly hear what you think is a earthquake or explosion and run for cover only to realize it came from everywhere but nowhere.

In the past year events of loud booms have been coming in across United States with no answers to be given to ease the minds of the individuals who have questioned these events.

Conspiracy theorist claim the government is building a underground city to prepare for alien invasion in the near future. 

Many investigators have tried the gain access to some of these tunnels leading to the underground only to be turned away or silenced.

LA residents panicked earlier this week when dozens of Black Hawk helicopters descended on downtown Los Angeles Monday night while residents reported explosions and scrambled to find out if they were looking at a invasion.

Citizens are laughing at the response giving by government officials and are refusing to accept that excuse again and are demanding truthful answers!

Are government officials building underground city to prepare for a attack from another world?

Have you personally witnessed an event where these sounds of horror have shaken you?


This is Magalina Masso Investigator and Reporter for Alien Investigations bringing you to truth, the whole truth so help me God.


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