Carlos Antonio de los Santos Montiel

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On the morning of May 3rd 1975 Carlos was working for a private company and he was so eager to attain more experience and flight hours under his belt so he decided to take a ride in his plane (58′ Piper PA-24 Comanche marked as XB-XAU) from the city of Zihuatanejo.

Got a Weird Feeling in His Stomach

After taking off only a few seconds after he passed the VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range (VOR) beacon located in Tequesquitengo and corrected his course when he suddenly got a weird feeling in his stomach and  looked over to his left, then his right and he saw a wingless craft of dull gray color on both sides of his airplane.

As he was about to react a third UFO appear right in front of the cockpit and this one punched to the underside of his plane.


The craft scraped the lower part of his plane damaging the landing gear and that’s when he realized his plane was not responding and he lost all control.

The airplane seems to be gaining altitude and Carlos feared that if it went any higher he would die because his cabin was not pressurized.

He radioed a mayday message into Mexico City explaining he needed an emergency landing.

I know it’s hard to understand the conversation but this is how it went down.

Carlos = Mayday Mayday Mayday

Tower = go ahead what is your emergency

Carlos = I’m surrounded Mayday

Tower = proceed

Carlos = I’m apparently flying without control, the plane is without control, I’m not controlling the plane,

Carlos = I have three identified visual of objects flying around me

Carlos = one of them rushed towards the plane and it hit me on the lowest side of the plane

The control tower instructed him to land but the controls remained unresponsive and the extraordinary ordeal lasted approximately 18 minutes.

As he was trying to gain control of his plane Carlos realized that he was once again in control of the plane and he quickly notifies the control tower of the objects departing.

He also made the operators known that his landing gear remained retracted due to the impact with an object and the airport authorities quickly organized an emergency landing.

 *Note – not actual landing gear, the picture is just for a reference.

As Carlos was landing he was able to land the plane and he jumped out of it so quick he failed to turn the plane off.

He was taken to the hospital and sedated and then interview the next day where doctors claimed he suffered from hallucinations triggered by hypoxia.

Many claims that this just proves the government has been hiding the truth from us for numerous years.

Furthermore, the examination conducted on Carlos plane it confirms it suffered an impact which blocked the landing gears mechanism and such a collision could have only happened in mid-flight.

I tried to locate Carlos but was unable to do so but through my investigations, his story remains the same years later.

Do you think that we were lied to for many years?

Do you know Carlos or were you there during this incident?

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This is Magalina Masso journalist and reporter for alien investigations bringing you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.


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