Reports Of USOs Rising Out Of The Lake In Walker Lake, NV

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In Northwestern Nevada just above Area 52 we find Walker Lake

A lake that’s been at the heart of a UFO conspiracy for many years.

It’s claimed the lake contains a tunnel system that leads all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Now this is significant cause the city they’re also houses the world’s largest Ammunition Depot one that supplies the Pacific fleet.

It also houses one of NAVSEA underwater warfare centers.

A place where the Navy can test anti-submarine weapons and do other research and development.

There is no activity on the lake at any given time and it’s definitely a good place to conduct underwater military operations.

Witnesses have reported USOs rising out of the lake.

They’re described as grey metallic objects that are not human or military technology.

Investigators have reported that if you head North you’ll see a deep nine mile gash in the ocean floor.

It’s so deep it actually minimizes the waves above and this gash ends at Port Hueneme.

This port house is the naval construction Battalion or better known as the CDs.

The CDs are the best construction engineers in the navy.

They can make anything, they can build anything, anytime or anywhere.

What better places there to hide ufos right in front of our eyes.

I’d like to get your opinions on this Lake have you ever been there?

Have you seen any sightings or suspicious crafts coming from out of the lake?

Be sure to write in and tell us your story ??

This is Magalina Masso journalist and reporter for alien investigations bringing you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

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