AIs V/S Aliens

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What exactly are the similarities and differences between aliens and AI beings?

Aliens are extraterrestrial beings whom do not originate from planet Earth.

Artificially Intelligent beings are also known as ”machine intelligence” beings whom are made by man.

Both beings are well known for their superior intelligent capabilities.

The Theory About IAs and Aliens!

Is it true that AI being and aliens have a common goal;world domination?

Some AIs have been programmed to have an identical brain to a human’s. With such advances, there have been cases of robots confirming wanting to ”destroy all humans”.

Perhaps scientists should have thoroughly thought about the possible consequences of such advances in technology before creating them

Aliens have not showed any signs of wanting to destroy humans, if anything they have always tried to help and guide us throughout time.

What Are They Doing?

No one really knows for sure what direction the IAs will take but aliens have seemed pretty harmless for the most part.

How do you think IAs will turn out?

Will they want to destroy us all or will they side with aliens and help us?

Can’t Get Enough Aliens?

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