Tall-Tell Signs That Say You May Have Been Abducted By Aliens

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Alien abduction stories have been around for quite sometime.

Many of these stories have generally the same descriptive properties;conducting experiments and taking”samples”.

Some stories even reported aliens wanting to cross breed with humans which was the purpose for the experiments.

Aliens Have Complex Communication Skills

In almost every alien abduction story, the victims often say that the aliens communicate telepathically to one another.

There have been other accounts where they spoke both through telepathy and English ( which would indicate that aliens are very intelligent beings).

Telepathy and English is probably just the tip of the iceberg of the alien’s communication skills.

Memory and Time Lost?

It is to no avail that victims of alien abductions have reported lost time and memories form the event of their abduction.

Most cases and evidence of the abduction itself, were only found under hypnosis.

There are also few cases of the victims having their memory of such traumatic events.

Can’t Get Enough Aliens?


How do you feel about alien abductions?

Real or Hoax?

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