Life After Death

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Hi I’m Magalina Masso aka Maggzz investigator and reporter for Alien Investigations.

I’m a retired stand up comedians and motivation speaker.

I got hurt when I was on tour on May 13, 2015.

It left with me permanent nerve damage to my neck, back and legs and no quality of life.

When I found out I had cancer I choose not to fight and tried to commit suicide.

I faced a near death experience recently which left me dead for 2 minutes. Not half-way dead I mean dead.

I remember looking out at the sunset on the cruise I was on then waking up with a tube down my throat.

(I’m in a better state of mind, gonna fight cancer & I’m doing awesome now)

I didn’t see no white bright lights, no angels, no outta body experience, I didn’t go to other universes brought by aliens who saved me, natha.

So I started investigating life beyond death.

I came across this…

So I digged deeper and came up with this…

After this personal near-death experience and all the research I have done it makes me wonder if were living in a dimension like the movie the matrix 

Scientific data, the voices from the church, articles on how aliens are our ancestors and so many articles but we’re no closer to the truth than we were 100 years ago.

I don’t know about you but I have more questions than answers now.

What  is your opinion on life after death?

Do you believe we go to heaven or hell?

Do you believe that we are energy and that’s just the end?

Do we transform into something more and become part of the controversy stating we have alien ancestors?

Have you experience an outta body experience or near death experience?

Please leave your comments below regarding this subject.

This is Magalina Masso investigator and reporter for Alien Investigations.

We here at Alien  Investigations bring you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God.

If you feel suicidal, depressed or feel outta control then please call the number below.

Suicide is not an answer it’s just an escape to unhappiness.

Hope is only one phone call away .

Please make that phone call and before you do anything


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