Real Ghost Caught On Video

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Good afternoon brothers, sisters, family, and friends.

What would you do if you walked outside your house at 10:00 at night and you saw a little girl with the white dress on playing in your front yard?

When Laurie heard a noise outside her house she wasn’t prepared for what she was about to see.

Ghost Girl Appears


Paranormal Activity

Laurie has heard the story’s about paranormal activity in her small town and having a cemetery a quarter of the mile around the corner makes this encounter even more mysterious.

The town is very small and a census taken in 2011 the population was only 4618 and it hasn’t changed much since then.


As she went outside recording the noise she heard she saw a child playing in her yard and was wondering what could a little girl be doing out at 10:00 at night.

As she walked towards the little girl the child ran around the house giggling and vanished into thin air.


I have done some digging into this incident reaching out to numerous agencies and everybody that I have reached out to refuses to talk about any paranormal activity in this area except for Laurie.

One person, I did speak to recalls of an incident over 50 years ago where children were disappearing and then all the sudden it came to end.

I was not able to find any information on this incident or any children’s deaths in my investigation which makes it more mysterious that there is no information whatsoever on any children in this area that has disappeared or has met an untimely death.

Is ghosts, demons or paranormal activity and numerous incidents that are shared every day all over the world aliens that are masquerading themselves or is it something more?

What is your opinion on this video?

Do you have anything to add to this story?

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This is Magalina Masso journalist, blogger, and reporter for alien investigations.

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