We Should Be Thanking Aliens?

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Aliens Created The Earth!

It is rumored that aliens did in fact, design the Earth specifically for humans.

Humans are currently trying to make life inhabitable on Mars for mankind.

If humans have the advanced technology to make such an ecosystem, who’s to say that aliens; whom are known to have vast knowledge and advanced technology, didn’t make our home planet inhabitable for us?

Where Did We Come From?

The funny thing about life is that no one knows if humans started out on Earth or From somewhere else.

There is no known transition from non life to life, we don’t know for certain how life began here on Earth.

There is a theory that aliens scattered metal spheres that date back to 3 billion years old which contained the microbes that helped to create oxygen.

Some argue that these metal spheres are natural but nothing has been found in nature that resembles these metal spheres.

What Do You Think?

Do you think aliens structured the Earth for mankind to be able to live here?

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