Contacting Aliens With Our Minds?

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Have You Ever Heard Of The Third Eye?

The third eye is a mystical and esoteric concept of a speculative invisible eye, usually depicted as located on the forehead, which provides perception beyond ordinary sight .

It is rumored that the third eye is actually a way of contacting and communicating with aliens!

The Thalamus

Either of two masses of gray matter lying between the cerebral hemispheres on either side of the third ventricle, relaying sensory information and acting as a center for pain perception.

Ancient astronaut theorists think that aliens gifted humans with this gland to have access to extraterrestrials and the extraterrestrial realm by using the third eye.

The eye of Horus or Ra actually resembles the thalamus!

What Do You Think?

In ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, this symbol appears quite often.

The Eye of Horus, also known as wadjet, wedjat or udjat, is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power, and good health. The Eye of Horus is similar to the Eye of Ra, which belongs to a different god, Ra, but represents many of the same concepts.

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