Guy Builds Working Hover-bike in Garage

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What would you do with one like this?


They recently completed a new round of test flights in a large meadow.  Right now they’re focused on recruiting and fundraising!


FlytCycle Was Built In 3 Short Weeks


It’s hard to believe, but we built the current FlytCycle in just three short weeks starting in late April.  Since its completion, in mid-May we’ve already conducted countless test flights and it’s the best flying vehicle we’ve ever made, plus it’s been a ton of fun to be able to fly it around and see what it can do!

It can fly for 10-15 minutes on a single set of batteries and weighs ~165lbs empty.  We’re currently testing it in more challenging environments such as dusty fields to prove how well it works.

Flyt Aerospace is Strong Enough To Fly A Person, Small Enough To Fit In The Back Of A Truck

Although it’s powerful enough to fly a person, it’s small enough to fit in the bed of a standard pickup truck!

You can see more pictures and learn more about it on their website:

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